QR Code Scanner Guide

Guide to using QR Codes attached to Ballinora plaques

In order to access the additional information relating to the Ballinora Heritage locations you can browse the Ballinora.com website with a Computer or you can use either an Apple or an Android SmartPhone. To make it easier to browse the information on your SmartPhone, you’ll need to download a QR code scanner from which ever store matches your phone:

  • Apple iStore for Apple phones
  • Google Play for Android phones

Once you’re in front of one of the Ballinora Heritage plaques you should be able to see the QR Code. You now need to open the QR Code application that you installed on your SmartPhone and scan the QR Code displayed on the plaque. This will open a web browser on your SmartPhone and will present you with the additional text and a video relating to the Heritage location. We’ve included some links to some QR Code scanner applications below:

Apple Phones


Android Phones