06 – Tobar an Iarla (Earls’ Well)

As you leave the pub behind you, on your way towards Ballymah GAA new development grounds, you come across a well with small railings around it on the right hand side. In days long since gone, at a time when life was slower, the Earls of Bandon in their “coach and four” would stop and water their horses, on their way to and from Cork City. Roll back the years further, back to 1602 after the battle of Kinsale, Hugh O Neill came to visit the Rochford family. The Rochfords were Anglo Norman settlers, who were in possession of all the surrounding lands from Castlewhite to Ballymah and more. While Hugh O Neill was on his way to visit them, his weary horses stopped and drank from this well. Ever since the area has been known as Tobar an Iarla.