Ballinora and Waterfall community survey 2012

In 2012, Ballinora and District Community Association Ltd conducted a survey to find out what the community wanted from a community association and what their most important issues were.

The survey went to local residents, sports and social clubs, service providers and businesses.

Here you’ll find a summary of the results.

About the respondents









What respondents like about the area

What respondents like least about the area

Improvements respondents would like to see

    • CCTV and better security
    • Convert one dressing room to a shop
    • Folding tables, painting, sound system, update electronics and lighting
    • Gym and catering facilities
    • Improved external lighting
    • Improved physical access for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties
    • More use of notice boards
    • Remove cars by hall
    • Voluntary security personnel
    • Access
    • Alarm system and CCTV
    • Improved external lighting
    • Reduce building’s amount of timber because it’s a fire risk -new den
    • Painting, new floors, toilets, lighting, total revamp of the kitchen
    • Voluntary security personnel

    • Alarm system
    • Better signage, warning lights and stop parking on the road
    • Encourage non-active parents to become involved in activities and groups
    • Lighting
    • More play area – secure play area
    • Move school to a bigger site, more space needed
    • The danger of accidents during drop off and pick up
    • Improved police presence
    • Community awareness programme
    • Direct community Garda contact
    • Responding to alarms in all areas
    • List of reliable trades people
    • Neighbourhood watch
    • Improved lighting
    • Speed alert signs 
    • Access to AED for everyone
    • Subsidised alarm facilities
    • Mobile phone coverage
    • Replace the lock on the gate to GAA field
    • Private homes – lighting on roads outside homes
    • Safety alarms
    • Celebrate annual heritage week and have a heritage walk day
    • Development of historical aspect of area 
    • Display information area
    • Improve site accessibility
    • Local history talks and information evenings
    • Local maps identifying areas of historical importance
    • Mapped walks (off-road)
    • Protect the red squirrel population in the local forest
    • Public access to glen and ringforts
    • Put up heritage signage
    • Regular maintenance
    • Restore, survey and conserve old graveyards
    • Restore historic monuments
    • Retain glen for natural habitat


  • Access to No. 8 Bus – seek new route through jimmy’s Cross and Maglin
  • Bad bend removal and road straightening
  • Clean railway bridges and number them, railway signage
  • Cycle-paths
  • Exit mirrors
  • Foot access to forest areas
  • Footpaths from Jimmy’s cross to O’Shea’s to school and footpaths generally
  • Hedge trimming, ditch and dyke and drainage maintenance
  • Lighting especially at school, hall, church and bridges
  • Line markings, road markings
  • Improve road surfaces, remove dangerous bends
  • Road and path access through Marymount Hospice
  • School signage safety measures
  • Signage (all kinds for road safety) – plastic or similar (to avoid theft)
  • Speed ramps in certain locations, traffic calming measures
  • Walks’ development

    • Create controlled access to lakes and ponds
    • Create an outdoor gym area
    • Enhance some neglected green areas
    • Forest protection and retention
    • Flowers in Waterfall village, church and crossroads
    • Hold heritage events including walks
    • Increase access to forestry with owners’ agreement
    • Lighting in some areas for safety reasons
    • Off-road walkways and trails with owners’ agreement
    • Public path to the glen – retain glen as a public walkway
    • Prevent illegal dumping
    • Protect rivers, streams and bridges including cleaning and ongoing maintenance
    • Erect townland names
    • Railway walks’ development
    • Reintroduce rare species (for example, Corncrake)
    • Riverside walks’ development
    • School path from Heatherfield across the fields and also from Jimmy’s cross
    • Set aside wildlife areas
    • Tobar an Iarla – replace the sign across from the pub
    • Undertake a wildlife survey

    • Make sure owners’ permission is secured
    • Establish new cycling routes with signage
    • Establish new walking routes with signage and fit for wheelchairs and buggies
    • Include flora and fauna, and sculptures as part of planning
    • Increase the profile of new facilities when completed
    • Local history talks
    • Mark distances for training purposes
    • Paths, walkways from Ballymah to Church, also parish walkway loop, new Curraheen loop (UCC/MAgS), link to CIT and the city
    • Put lighting in some locations
    • Put seats along the way in some places
    • Undertake surveys and small works (volunteers – scouts and students for example)
    • Walkway to Mass rock in the local forest and continue to Curraheen
    • Walking group establishment

Facilities the community need

NeedPreschool5 to 1314 to 18
Access to bus routeYes
Afterschool activitiesYesYes
All-weather facilitiesYesYesYes
Drama facilitiesYesYes
Exercise facilitiesYesYes
GP surgeryYes
Meeting placeYesYes
Playground areaYesYes
Skateboard parkYes
Youth centre or youth clubYes

Facilities needed specific to gender

Facilities needed by older people

Facilities needed by people with special needs

Communication ideas