Action plan: 2020

Wis action plan lists the work we’ll do under the 8 themes identified in 2012 as most important to our community.

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1. Culture and heritage

    • Erect a fence and access stile at Corbally famine graveyard
    • Remove trees at Inishkenny graveyard
    • Prepare a maintenance plan for Inishkenny and Corbally graveyards
    • Place vintage agricultural machinery in areas other than Ballinora and Waterfall
    • Seek funding to place sculptures and art pieces in Ballinora and Waterfall
    • Research the impact of West Cork Railway on life in Ballinora
    • Prepare a management plan for Waterfall bridge
    • Research archaeological sites in Ballinora and Waterfall
    • Research local activity in Ballinora and Waterfall during the 1921 War of Independence
    • Research the building of the viaduct and railway line passing through Waterfall
    • Paint mural of Waterfall railway station somewhere in Waterfall
    • Repair or restore the old church in Inishkenny graveyard
    • Install old style replica phone box

2. Social Inclusion

    • Investigate rural bus service for Ballinora and Waterfall
    • Promote social opportunities for older people, particularly during the day – a drama group, book club, scrabble club, historical society, house visitations

3. Environment

    • Using the ‘Better Energy Communities Programme 2020’, organise community-wide energy improvements to buildings
    • Promote reduction in plastic use
    • Take steps to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides
    • Prepare a water conservation and food waste reduction plan
    • Plant native shrubs and flowers appropriate for pollinator-friendly and companion planting
    • Investigate setting up a community composting facility
    • Put in place a plan to eradicate invasive plant species
    • Identify areas suitable for returning to nature (wilding)
    • Repair gaps in hedgerows
    • Identify areas suitable for biodiversity planting
    • Participate in BirdWatch Ireland’s Garden Bird Survey in December, January and February


    • Improve the visual impact of the entrance to Waterfall from the west
    • Add extra Waterfall finger post signs
    • Plant Ballinora Pippin apple trees
    • Fit solar lighting to Waterfall railway bridge and plant all 4 sides
    • Plant native and pollinator-friendly shrubs in Waterfall
    • Erect a stone wall between Waterfall railway bridge and Kent’s entrance
    • Conduct biodiversity, flora and fauna and pollination baseline study
    • Paint field gates around Waterfall
    • Replace Waterfall post box


    • Paint perimeter church and school walls
    • Prepare biodiversity, flora and fauna, and pollination baseline study
    • Erect a biodiversity information board at Goblin Corner
    • Install a footpath from the bridge to the school
    • Plant Ballinora Pippin apple trees
    • Place 2 more flower boxes on the bridge at bottom of Hall Hill
    • Set up a working group to maintain the village on a weekly basis
    • Repair the bridge stonework at the entrance to the village from Ballinora Cross

Jimmy’s Cross

    • Install public lighting
    • Strim grass on road verges, ditches and ditch walls regularly

Ballinora Cross

    • Install public lighting
    • Strim grass on road verges, ditches and ditch walls regularly

Maglin Bridge

    • Install public lighting
    • Strim grass on road verges, ditches and ditch walls regularly

Corbally Cross

    • Clean area across from Corbally famine graveyard
    • Install public lighting
    • Strim grass on road verges, ditches and ditch walls regularly

Top of the World

    • Erect 360° degree panorama photo of the surrounding countryside

4. Safety and security

    • Offer property log-books to residents
    • Install public lighting

5. Roads and road safety

    • Resolve repeat road flooding black spots around Ballinora and Waterfall
    • Remove 2 trees on the west side of Old Abbey railway bridge
    • Build a pathway from Ballinora – Waterfall – Ballymah GAA pitch – Marymount bus stop through a rural regeneration programme
    • Put traffic management plan in place for the roads from Maglin to Jimmy’s Cross, Curraheen to Ballinora Cross and Ballymah to Waterfall
    • Give input to the rural road speed limits review by Cork County Council
    • Place convex mirrors at dangerous bends
    • Erect kerbs near the wall at Inniskenny graveyard and tarmac into the new kerbs

6. Communications

    • Appoint an administrator for the community website, Twitter and Facebook accounts
    • Publish a monthly blog post or information leaflet about events taking place in Ballinora and Waterfall
    • Conduct a parish-wide survey with help from SECAD
    • Erect a ‘billboard’ in Ballinora and Waterfall for use by organisations promoting events

7. Recreation

    • Position seats at various locations along the heritage trail
    • Develop Sli na Slainte walk in the parish – with distance marking (km), steps taken, calories burned (Kcal)

8. Infrastructure

    • Investigate the location and costs of a meeting room that can hold more than 40 people with kitchen, toilets and other utilities