TidyTowns assess participating towns using an independent panel of adjudicators appointed by the Department of Rural and Community Development.

The assessments take place during the months of June, July and August each year, on a date which is not specified. As a result, the assessment is conducted in secret.

Each entrant is assessed under eight criteria with a total of 450 marks available.

You can find our assessment reports here.


TidyTowns competition report: 2022

2022 saw an increase of 19 points, with the report concluding that:

“The committee and volunteers should be proud of their excellent performance in this years competition and it is clear to the adjudicators that significant progress is being made with each passing year in Ballinora and Waterfall.”


TidyTowns competition report: 2021

2022 saw an increase of  10 points, with the report concluding that:

“it was a pleasure to take a virtual tour of your village and see the huge amount of work being undertaken. “


TidyTowns competition report: 2019

Waterfall won a special award in the 2019 competition for the highest increase in marks.

The report concluded that adjudicators:

“thoroughly enjoyed visiting the villages of Waterfall and Ballinora whose character and attractiveness is being continuously enhanced by a hard-working community that clearly love and value their surroundings.”


TidyTowns competition report: 2018 

The report concluded that:

“Waterfall Ballinora is a charming rural settlement incorporating a fairly extensive area which is challenging for the committee and admittedly for a visitor new to the area too. The installation of direction signage coupled with clearly identifiable access to focal points of the parish area facilitates navigation throughout.”

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