Digital mapping project

We’ve started to work with UCC’s Geography Department to prepare a digitised (GIS type) map of our local  Ballinora and Waterfall community.

Having a digital map means we can keep adding new data to help us record our local habitats to Fossitt Level 3 and support our 5-year Nature and Biodiversity plan.

We’ll keep adding information about our community as new data is made available – such as bat sightings and local historical sites. The digital mapping project will help us tell our community’s story.

Cork County Council Community Support Fund

We’d like to say a big thank you to Cork County Council for the funding and support we’ve received from the  Community Support Fund Scheme.


The scheme has helped to fund the work we’ve recently done to remove trees from the graveyard at Inniskenny.


We’ve received generous funding, help and advice from Cork County Council over the years. Without their support and funding, we could not take on the projects that we do.

New dog poo signs in Ballinora

We’ve put up signs in Ballinora to remind dog owners to pick up their dog’s poo. Dog owners have a legal duty to pick up their dog’s poo. A court fine can be up to €3,000.


Dog poo is dangerous to people’s health. Contact with dog poo can lead to toxocariasis. Toxocariasis is an infection that causes dizziness, nausea, asthma, blindness or seizures.


There are a lot of walkers in Ballinora. We have a heritage trail covering local historical sites. And St James’ church recently held a Camino walk. We want everyone to enjoy walking in the district, so it’s vital we keep Ballinora safe and clean.


We’d also like to thank Cork County Council for supplying the signs.


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We’ve changed the venue for our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

When is the AGM?

The AGM will now be held in the tunnel at Ballinora Nursery and Garden Centre on Thursday 26 August 2021 at 8.00 pm.

What’s on the agenda?

We’ll be talking about:
  • the financial report
  • the election of officers
  • biodiversity
  • sustainable energy
  • rural regeneration
  • our eight-point plan

Bats in Ballinora: phase 1 research

We’ve just finished the first phase of our ‘Bats in Ballinora’ project.

The aim of Bats in Ballinora is to confirm sightings of bats in Ballinora and Waterfall. We want to record where bats live and the species.

We’ve published a research document called ‘Bats in Ballinora – Phase 1: Preliminary desktop research’

Our research:

    • explains the phases of the Bats in Ballinora project
    • defines the study area for the project
    • gives an introduction to bats
    • profiles the Irish bat species

Find out more about Bats in Ballinora

Tell us how we’re doing

We’ve teamed up with UCC’s CARL program on a project. The aim is to find out:
    • if there are any issues the Community Association needs to deal with – and record solutions to the issues
    • what improvements the Community Association can make
To get this information, UCC has written a survey. We’d like you to fill it in and tell us what you think.
The survey closes at 5:30 pm, Friday 13 August.
Your feedback will help us improve and continue to serve the community in an effective way.
The survey is anonymous and all responses to the survey will be deleted within 30 days of the project finishing.
UCC will carry out their work following their ethical guidelines around data collection.

We’ve rearranged our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

When is the AGM?

The AGM will now be held at St James’ church on Thursday 26 August 2021 at 8.00pm. Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations, we’ll be meeting outside the church.

What’s on the agenda?

We’ll be talking about:
  • the financial report
  • the election of officers
  • biodiversity
  • sustainable energy
  • rural regeneration
  • our eight point plan

UCC to start new research project about our Community Association

UCC are to begin a research project on our Community Association.

The Community-Academic Research Links initiative (CARL) will work with us  on a research project. There will be 2 parts to the research:

    1. An audit of our work in the community
    2. To identify best practice of community organisations’ nationally and internationally

This will be a 3 month project taking place over the summer.

It’s still early days but we hope to find out more about how we can be more effective in our work.

We’ll publish an update to the research when we have the results.

One year on: Wildlife, habitats and natural amenities

It’s one year since we published our Wildlife, habitats and natural amenities: a 5-year plan. It’s been a difficult year for everyone. But we’ve kept on working where and when we can to achieve our goals.

Some of our plans had to be delayed or postponed due to COVID-19 restriction, but we’ve still managed to make progress in a lot of areas.

Each year we’ll publish an update so that you can find out how we’re doing against our yearly goals.

You can now read our year 1 report.