Ballinora and Waterfall community survey 2012

In 2012, Ballinora and District Community Association Ltd conducted a survey to find out what the community wanted from a community association and what their most important issues were.

The survey went to local residents, sports and social clubs, service providers and businesses.

Here you’ll find a summary of the results.

About the respondents

What respondents like about the area

  • Community spirit, friendly neighbours, the people in the community
  • The area is convenient for facilities, hospital, shops and close to ring road and the city
  • Country environment, fresh air, tranquility
  • Quality of natural environment, the scenery, flora and fauna, picturesque
  • Good primary school
  • Rural community values
  • Historical feeling to the place
  • Low crime rate
  • Supportive church
  • List Item

What respondents like least about the area

  • Difficult to integrate new people into activities
  • Illegal dumping
  • Increasing incidence of theft
  • Lack of footpaths, Roads too narrow for walking on
  • Lack of meeting venues
  • Little consideration for other road users with speed of traffic
  • Need to own two cars
  • No local bus service, shop or place to get petrol
  • Objections to planning
  • Overgrowth of road ditches and banks and no regular maintenance
  • Poor broadband coverage
  • Walking and driving is dangerous
  • Neighbours in need are not looked after properly
  • Lack of communication between groups

Improvements respondents would like to see

    • CCTV and better security
    • Convert one dressing room to a shop
    • Folding tables, painting, sound system, update electronics and lighting
    • Gym and catering facilities
    • Improved external lighting
    • Improved physical access for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties
    • More use of notice boards
    • Remove cars by hall
    • Voluntary security personnel
    • Access
    • Alarm system and CCTV
    • Improved external lighting
    • Reduce building’s amount of timber because it’s a fire risk -new den
    • Painting, new floors, toilets, lighting, total revamp of the kitchen
    • Voluntary security personnel

    • Alarm system
    • Better signage, warning lights and stop parking on the road
    • Encourage non-active parents to become involved in activities and groups
    • Lighting
    • More play area – secure play area
    • Move school to a bigger site, more space needed
    • The danger of accidents during drop off and pick up
    • Improved police presence
    • Community awareness programme
    • Direct community Garda contact
    • Responding to alarms in all areas
    • List of reliable trades people
    • Neighbourhood watch
    • Improved lighting
    • Speed alert signs 
    • Access to AED for everyone
    • Subsidised alarm facilities
    • Mobile phone coverage
    • Replace the lock on the gate to GAA field
    • Private homes – lighting on roads outside homes
    • Safety alarms
    • Celebrate annual heritage week and have a heritage walk day
    • Development of historical aspect of area 
    • Display information area
    • Improve site accessibility
    • Local history talks and information evenings
    • Local maps identifying areas of historical importance
    • Mapped walks (off-road)
    • Protect the red squirrel population in the local forest
    • Public access to glen and ringforts
    • Put up heritage signage
    • Regular maintenance
    • Restore, survey and conserve old graveyards
    • Restore historic monuments
    • Retain glen for natural habitat


  • Access to No. 8 Bus – seek new route through jimmy’s Cross and Maglin
  • Bad bend removal and road straightening
  • Clean railway bridges and number them, railway signage
  • Cycle-paths
  • Exit mirrors
  • Foot access to forest areas
  • Footpaths from Jimmy’s cross to O’Shea’s to school and footpaths generally
  • Hedge trimming, ditch and dyke and drainage maintenance
  • Lighting especially at school, hall, church and bridges
  • Line markings, road markings
  • Improve road surfaces, remove dangerous bends
  • Road and path access through Marymount Hospice
  • School signage safety measures
  • Signage (all kinds for road safety) – plastic or similar (to avoid theft)
  • Speed ramps in certain locations, traffic calming measures
  • Walks’ development

    • Create controlled access to lakes and ponds
    • Create an outdoor gym area
    • Enhance some neglected green areas
    • Forest protection and retention
    • Flowers in Waterfall village, church and crossroads
    • Hold heritage events including walks
    • Increase access to forestry with owners’ agreement
    • Lighting in some areas for safety reasons
    • Off-road walkways and trails with owners’ agreement
    • Public path to the glen – retain glen as a public walkway
    • Prevent illegal dumping
    • Protect rivers, streams and bridges including cleaning and ongoing maintenance
    • Erect townland names
    • Railway walks’ development
    • Reintroduce rare species (for example, Corncrake)
    • Riverside walks’ development
    • School path from Heatherfield across the fields and also from Jimmy’s cross
    • Set aside wildlife areas
    • Tobar an Iarla – replace the sign across from the pub
    • Undertake a wildlife survey

    • Make sure owners’ permission is secured
    • Establish new cycling routes with signage
    • Establish new walking routes with signage and fit for wheelchairs and buggies
    • Include flora and fauna, and sculptures as part of planning
    • Increase the profile of new facilities when completed
    • Local history talks
    • Mark distances for training purposes
    • Paths, walkways from Ballymah to Church, also parish walkway loop, new Curraheen loop (UCC/MAgS), link to CIT and the city
    • Put lighting in some locations
    • Put seats along the way in some places
    • Undertake surveys and small works (volunteers – scouts and students for example)
    • Walkway to Mass rock in the local forest and continue to Curraheen
    • Walking group establishment

Facilities the community need

NeedPreschool5 to 1314 to 18
Access to bus routeYes
Afterschool activitiesYesYes
All-weather facilitiesYesYesYes
Drama facilitiesYesYes
Exercise facilitiesYesYes
GP surgeryYes
Meeting placeYesYes
Playground areaYesYes
Skateboard parkYes
Youth centre or youth clubYes

Facilities needed specific to gender

  • Book club and more social events
  • Men’s sheds
  • Something for retired men – lots of skills going to waste
  • Book club and more social events
  • Exercise classes and evening sports – tennis, zumba, pilates
  • Massage facilities
  • Ladies football
  • Quilting (stitch and bitch)

Facilities needed by older people

  • Befriending service
  • Meals on wheels
  • Bingo - with collection and drop-off
  • Generations day
  • Home repairs and visits to shops on regular rota basis
  • Access to shops
  • Past-time hobby time groups
  • Social facility
  • Voluntary visits
  • Weekly meeting with meal to improve communication and reduce loneliness

Facilities needed by people with special needs

  • Community all-weather recreational opportunities for general exercise
  • Easy access to all facilities
  • Network of available facilities
  • Volunteer carers

Communication ideas