Projects we’ve completed

Projects we've completed

We wrote our first action plan in 2012. Since then we’ve worked with residents and number community organisations – including the Ballinora Retired Men’s Group, and Ballinora and Waterfall TidyTowns – to complete our projects.

Here’s some of the projects we’ve completed: 

  • The text alert programme

  • The heritage trail

    The heritage trail takes you through 16 points of interest in Ballinora and Waterfall

  • The mural

    The mural shows important historical events in the parish

  • Parish name stones

  • Floral containers and basket poles

  • New street lighting

  • Community website

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  • School warning lights

  • Road speed indicators

  • Road signs to Ballinora and Waterfall

  • Restoring historical sites

  • Biodiversity projects